Pre-Order Information

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is essentially just ordering a product before it is released to the public. Pre-ordering an item requires you to pay the full price for a product for it to be reserved for you. As soon as the items you pre-ordered come in stock with us it will ship to you. 


Why pre-order?

High-demand collectable items typically sell out very fast. By pre-ordering you are locking in your order to ensure you can add these high-demand items to your collection.


Why should I not pre-order? 

If you aren't comfortable waiting weeks or even months to receive your items then please don't pre-order. All arrival dates listed in pre-order descriptions are estimated and subject to change. Wait until the pre-order items come in stock with us (if they're not sold out by then) before pre-ordering. The art used to display pre-orders is the final art given to us by our vendor. The real life product should look identical if not very close to the art used to preview the items. While the art used to preview pre-orders is final, please feel free to wait until the actual product pictures are posted before pre-ordering If you want to be sure you’ll like the look of the pre-order item. The point of pre-ordering is to make sure you will get your items before they sell out. Not everything will pre-sell out before it gets here but if you don't want to miss out then that's why you pre-order. The current port and supply chain crisis that is affecting the nation has lots of product arrivals being delayed. Product is still showing up, just not as fast. We are not responsible for these delays and it's out of our control. If you’re not okay with our cancellation policy on pre-orders then don’t pre order. After 48 hours of you pre-ordering an item we can’t cancel the order (but we can refund you in store credit). When that 48 hour window closes that’s when we financially commit to our vendor to purchase the items you pre-ordered. If you're pre-ordering an item for an upcoming event (birthday, Christmas, party, etc.), reach out to us via email at to find out if the item you want to pre-order will be here before the event. It's advised to buy in stock items for upcoming events so that timely arrival is ensured. When you place a pre-order with us you're also placing your trust in us and we appreciate that. Your orders are always safe with us and we'll do our best to get them to you as soon as possible. No matter how long the delay is, we're in this together. 


How will I know when new items become available for pre-order?

You can follow us on our Instagram and turn on notifications to be notified whenever we announce a new item available for pre-order on our site. That way you will be first in line to secure your pre-order before they run out. Alternatively you can sign up for email marketing through our website and also earn 10% off by signing up.


After I pre-order and item, how long before I get it?

After we receive the item from the manufacturer we ship it out to you as soon as we possibly can, usually the same day we receive it. We’re waiting to receive your order too, so you and I both are in the same boat here. Its okay to be impatient after pre-ordering. As your retailer for these products we are also waiting on getting the latest items in our mail so we can drool over how amazing they look before shipping them out to you.

 You’ll notice in our product descriptions for these items there is an estimated shipping date. When we place orders with a manufacturer we can see an estimated shipping date that tells us when we can expect their order to get to us. We have faith in these manufacturers that these shipping dates are accurate, but we understand that they can also end up being pushed back at any time as well. When an item’s release date gets pushed back its just as upsetting to us as it is to you, but it is completely out of our control. All worries aside, when an item is pushed back it doesn’t affect your order security. You’ll still receive your pre-order, just not as soon as you first thought.


Will all retailers get pre-orders in stock at the same time?

No. Each retailer will receive their orders at different times so don’t be surprised when some websites are already selling and some aren’t.  


How can I get updates on my pre-order?

We do our best to keep our customers informed on their orders and pre-orders. To stay updated you can follow us on Instagram and turn notifications on to get notified when we post. Alternatively you can reach out via email with your specific order number, request an update on your order, and we’ll get back to you with updates on your order as soon as possible.


So there’s no “hard shipping date”?

Sadly, no. We are only given an estimated shipping month from the manufacturer we buy from, not an exact date since the date is always subject to change at anytime.


What if my pre-order contains more than one item?

If all items on your order are in stock it will start processing and ship to you asap. We will not ship your order until all items on the order are in stock. For the fastest delivery on multiple pre-orders we suggest making separate orders for each pre-order. That way we can ship them to you as soon as they get in stock without having to wait on other items in your order to show up. Not all pre-order items come in stock at the same time. The order in which our vendor unloads the ships at the ports with new product is not up to us. So if you place an order with 2 pre-order items on it, one might get here tomorrow and the other item might get here 3 weeks later. You can't get that first item until the second one gets here because you placed them on the same order and only covered shipping for one order, not 2. Place separate orders for multiple pre-orders if you want them fastest. If you don't care and want to qualify for the free shipping on orders over $100 promo then be my guest and combine your items in the same order. 

Can I cancel my pre-order and get a refund?

Reach out to us via email with your order number and a request to cancel your pre-order with a refund within the first 48 hours of your pre-order and we will happily give you a refund and cancel your order. Pre-order cancellations do not have a cancellation fee in that 48 hour cancellation window. After 48 hours of placing a pre-order we cannot cancel your order as we've already financially committed to our vendor to purchasing your items. We can however offer you a full refund in store credit if you’d like. Non pre-orders start processing asap and can't be canceled. 

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